Health Forms

EVERY Scout and Leader attending camp is required to have a physical documented on a BSA approved medical form.

Power of Attorney

Each scout and adult leader is required to have a current Power of Attorney (POA) form on file with the troop. The Power of Attorney forms must be notorized, which can be done at a scout meeting and are renewed each January. If you have any questions about the Health form or Power of Attorney form please see Ron Ragan at one of the Wednesday scout meetings.

Tour Permits

The troop is required to submit tour permits with the Council for some of our activities. The tour permit requires that we have driver licence information and vehicle insurance information for each person transporting scouts. Please see Chris Everett to provide or update your vehicle information.

Boy Scout Application

Each member and adult leader who joins Scouting is required to complete the appropriate application.  These forms have existed in paper format only for many years, and are traditionally a multi-part form.  For your convenience, each of the membership / leadership applications are available for you to download.  Original signatures must be affixed to all applications to be considered valid.

You can also pick up a Boy Scout application or Adult Leader application at our troop meetings.


The BSA Online Learning Center provides interactive learning modules that adult leaders to complete training courses online. You’ll need to create an account when accessing the BSA Online Learning Center website. BSA members may provide member ID and council name when creating the account; or, add this information to the account later. These courses may also be offered at Camp Bartle for those leaders who are present.

Eagle Scout Advancement Resources

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