First Year Scouts

Welcome to Troop 59!  All the information you are receiving is probably a bit overwhelming right now, but don’t worry, our leaders and parents are eager to help you get settled in.  Following is some basic getting-started information and forms you should have, with more information coming soon! (Nov. 2015)

Dues (prior to Dec. 16, 2016): 

Annual dues are $65 for 2016.
Camp Bartle deposit is $60.
Both are due December 16, 2016.

After December 16, 2016:

Annual dues will be $75 for 2016.
Camp Bartle deposit will be $70.

Forms needed first:

Troop 59 Parent Informational Handbook:

Merit Badge Placement:

Monthly Campout Information:

Camp Bartle Information:

Camp Bromelsick Information: