Bartle Summer Camp

2016 Session Information

Bartle this year is July 27 to August 5, 2016.

Note:  a $60 deposit is due by Dec. 1, 2015

Parent Meeting

There will be a parent meeting scheduled as the date gets closer to go over information about Bartle. All new parents are encouraged to attend along with anyone else wanting to know more.

Camp Fees Payment Schedule

This information is still coming.

Visitor’s Sunday

Visitor’s Day will be July 31, 2016, and is an ideal time for parents to see their son, his unit and campsite, and the program facilities at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation. Bring a dish or two and table service for your family and Scout for a potluck lunch at noon. Parents usually leave Lawrence around 8:30 a.m. to arrive before the lunch, but please don’t plan on arriving before 10:00am – that is when the Bartle staff will start allowing visitors to enter the campsites. Also note that visitors need to depart for home by 5:00 p.m. This is an important day for your son, so plan on joining us!

Bartle Scout Camp Map

If you will be coming down on Visitor’s Sunday, here are links to the map of the camp, along with the driving instructions.

Daily Schedule for Camp

Click HERE to see what a “typical” day at Camp Bartle will be like for your son.

Homesickness at Camp

It is highly likely that younger Scouts will experience homesickness at some point during camp. Our troop leaders and the camp staff – which includes a Chaplain – are experienced in dealing with this situation. If your son evidences strong homesickness and says he wants to come home, please DO NOT tell him you will come to pick him up. Listen to him, encourage his participation in activities and ask about his friends Don’t prolong calls more than five minutes. If there appears to be a very strong case of homesickness, you may call and request a Troop 59 leader to call you back. Please do not come to Camp Bartle except on Visitors’ Day unless you have spoken to one of the full-time leaders in advance of leaving Lawrence. Our experience is that a Scout will overcome his homesickness, and this is an important step in his maturing process. It is also our experience that once he hangs up from talking to you and sharing his feelings about homesickness, he rejoins the troop and is very much OK.

Mail Call at Camp

Please send MAIL to your Scouts. They all love to hear from parents, grandparents, girlfriends and even siblings. Leaders like cookies (hint, hint!) Mailing time is generally 3 week days for delivery, so plan ahead. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR RETURN ADDRESS ON ALL MAIL!! – Because of the potential delay in delivery, it is possible that we will be headed home before the mail arrives. If it doesn’t have a return address, it will be lost.

Here is the format for the address:
Your Scout’s name, Troop 59
Camp Lonestar, Campsite Mohican
Bartle Scout Reservation
5525 NE Scout Camp Rd
Osceola, MO  64776

For your convenience, Troop 59 also provides a “troop postal service”. You can give your “mail” to the troop postmaster, labeled with your scout’s name and date to be delivered. We “deliver” Troop Mail with the daily mail call and an additional Sunday delivery.

“Banking” at Camp

Each Scout should bring $25–$30 SPENDING MONEY in $1 and $5 BILLS only. This money will be turned in to the banker at the meeting on Wednesday, June 23rd– Scouts DO NOT keep the money with them. We run a “bank” and provide only a limited amount of money at one time to the Scouts. First year Scouts may want an extra $5-$8 for a leather kit and or other handicraft merit badges. Also, scouts in certain Merit Badge classes will need additional money: i.e. rifle shooting ($6), waterskiing ($12). Braves who expect to be called Warriors will need an additional $20-$30 for costuming materials (anklets, choker, breechcloth and paints). There is a small trading post in camp that has T-shirts, ice cream, candy bars and other snacks, cold drinks, craft materials, merit badge books and required materials, and assorted boy “stuff” like flint and steel kits.

Medications at Camp

If your Scout is taking any type of MEDICATION, prescription or non-prescription, it MUST be in the original containers. Please place all medications – including asthma or allergy inhalers – in a plastic ziplock bag with a 3×5 notecard listing the Scout’s name and dosage instructions, and turn these in at the meeting on June 23rd. If your Scout requires insulin injections, please bring these supplies separately and be sure to visit with Brenda Kappelman personally about the schedule. Scouts cannot keep any medications or syringes in their footlockers. If you have any other medical concerns about your son, please visit with Brenda personally.

Health Forms

EVERY Scout and Leader attending camp is required to have a physical documented on a BSA approved medical form. Any questions about your health forms should be directed to Ron Ragan.

Miscellaneous Bartle Information

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