About Troop 59

Troop 59 is a boy-led troop chartered to First Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, Kansas. We are part of the Pelathe District in the Heart of America Council. The troop is open to boys who are 11 years old or have completed the 5th grade.

When and where does the troop meet?

We meet Wednesdays, 7:30-9:00pm at First Presbyterian Church, just west of Iowa on Clinton Parkway (23rd St), Lawrence, Kansas.

How large is the troop?

We currently have a number active boys, and several active adult leaders. The scouts are currently organized into multiple patrols, plus a Leadership patrol for the Senior Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader(s). The adults are organized into a Troop Committee, and a Scoutmaster Corps, whose functions are defined in the BSA Literature.

How frequently does the troop camp out?

Troop 59 has a 12-month, all weather camping program including a number of outdoor activities and survival skills, as well as merit badge work such as forestry, cooking, wildlife management, cycling, and hiking historic trails.

What about summer camp?

Troop 59 scouts typically attend a 10-day summer camp in June at Camp Bartle, in Osceola, Missouri.   The program includes swimming, lifesaving, canoeing, and most of the outdoor merit badges such as herpetology, mammal study, wildlife management, rifle shooting, and archery.

Is there a High Adventure program?

Yes, there is.  More information to be provided here.

What does “led by boys, supported by adults” mean?

All Troop 59 meetings, campouts, and other activities are planned by the Patrol Leaders’ Council and are presided over by the Senior Patrol Leader. The scoutmaster provides advice and guidance as requested. The Troop Committee provides support for the program, and ensures that both common sense and BSA health and safety guidelines are meticulously followed. This “boy led” method provides opportunities for boys to practice the art of leadership and planning in a controlled environment where failure is allowed but is followed up by evaluation with the Scoutmaster or other adults.

What is the cost of scouting in Troop 59?

The annual registration fee is $60; of this, $10.00 is forwarded to the National office, and the balance kept in the Troop treasury. The Troop buys all awards, badges, pins, handbooks, and camping equipment (except such personal gear as a sleeping bag). We maintain a merit badge pamphlet library which the scouts may use.

There are also a number of fundraising opportunities that are outlined under the Parents -> Fundraising Opportunities section of our website.

How do I join Troop 59?

  1. Come to a Troop meeting any Wednesday evening. There, you can talk to the Scoutmaster and other adult Troop leaders, meet the boys who are already in the Troop, fill out an application (complete with parent or guardian’s signature), join a patrol, and be on your way.
  2. Call, email, or visit the Scoutmaster.